Uncover your inner leader.

Horses harness power within their gentleness. An equine leadership retreat is an opportunity to discover your own power, compassion, and intention. Cottonwood Equine Coaching is your opportunity to change life as you know it. For yourself, and for others.

"For one to fly, one needs only to take the reins."

– Melissa James

featured event:

Women's One Night Retreats


Connect with groups of local women determined to create a life of true joy and fulfillment during an overnight stay at The Cottonwood Resort.

Digital Coaching Services

Shift Your Thoughts & Habits Towards Success

The primary step to create true joy is to shift your energetic patterns of thinking.

Tap into the environment of authenticity and compassion we've created at The Cottonwood - without ever leaving your home. We offer digital coaching groups and other online opportunities for leadership development and growth.

Our digital coaching experiences include:

Onsite Equine Coaching

Seeking Something Greater?

Different cultures and times have connected with horses differently, but the horse has always required their human counterparts to be present and strong leaders.

At Cottonwood Equine Coaching, we partner with horses to identify each individual’s value, cultivate their relationship skills, and release them to greater authenticity in a safe, inspirational environment.

We offer a variety of equine leadership experiences:

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Take our free Habit Finder quiz and we'll gift you a one-on-one debrief session to discuss your results.
Together, we'll identify your path to the life of fulfillment and freedom you deserve.

What Sets Cottonwood Apart

We learn how to listen when we tap into the strength of these beautiful creatures. A horse demands the leader in each one of us shows up.

That's the gold nugget at the center of every leadership course offered at The Cottonwood.

  • Beautiful Property

  • Adaptable, Well-Trained Horses

  • Blend of Customized Content

  • Experienced Mentors

  • Proven Strategies

  • Support Network

  • Location Flexibility

  • Unique In-Person Experience

Young woman with a horse in park near the river

Our Promise

We promise to provide a heart-centered opportunity for life change filled with empowerment, compassion, and intentionality.