Uncover your inner leader.

Horses harness power within their gentleness. An equine leadership retreat is an opportunity to discover your own power, compassion, and intention. Cottonwood Equine Coaching is your opportunity to change life as you know it. For yourself, and for others.

"For one to fly, one needs only to take the reins."

– Melissa James

Seeking something greater?

How many of us wander through life wishing for something greater? Deeper relationships, a more fulfilling job, a nicer house, more money... but, most of all, a life that feels truly meaningful and authentic? The truth is, most of us walk through life in prisons of our own design. We allow the opinions and disappointments of others to shape our perception of ourselves and, therefore, the reality that we live in.

At Cottonwood Equine Coaching, we know how it feels to allow our shortcomings and hurts to suffocate our happiness and stunt our growth. We know from experience that a life of mere self-preservation is really no life at all; that’s why we’re passionate about making a lasting, tangible impact on people’s lives. We partner with horses to identify each individual’s value, cultivate their relationship skills, and release them to greater authenticity in a safe, inspirational environment.

You could continue wandering through life hungry for health, desperate for direction, and wishing for more. Or you could finally be seen, educated, and empowered to realize your intrinsic value, unlock your immeasurable potential, and step into the life of fulfillment and freedom you deserve.

Ready to empower others?

When you decide to enter the arena of personal development coaching, it’s an entirely different entrepreneurial playing field. Suddenly, you’re leading the most important driving factor in a person’s life: their emotions. How can you be certain that you’re leading others into effective, meaningful life change? Where can you find proven strategies with mentors to guide and support you as you lead others on the vital path of self-realization? Where can you grow your product offerings without growing your overhead?

At Cottonwood Equine Coaching, we understand that a desire to develop others comes with an extreme level of pressure and responsibility. That’s why we’re so passionate about partnering with coaches to give them a proven resource that will effectively meet the needs of their clients while growing their bottom-line.

Years of our own personal development training paired with proven strategies from premier coaches around the world have culminated in one of the most effective self- development curriculums available. With our unique focus on horses and nature, we’ve designed a program truly unlike any other. Together, we will guide clients through a process of identification, cultivation, and release that unlocks the strengths and potential of each individual to step into the life of fulfillment and freedom they deserve.

You could pursue existing teachings, seeking to influence others with the same repetitive methods. Or, you could join an encouraging network of heart-centered guides dedicated to lifting others in an entirely fresh and meaningful way with Cottonwood Equine Coaching.

Leadership Retreat Courses




From a genuine desire to change lives, Cottonwood Equine Coaching has developed a customized curriculum that blends guided teachings, authentic communication, and innovative equine activities, leading to emotional freedom.

From healing past hurts to developing healthy boundaries for the future, Cottonwood guides individuals to improved relationships and increased self-awareness through a connection with animals and nature, providing life-changing, tangible hope.

What Sets Cottonwood Apart

We learn how to listen when we tap into the strength of these beautiful creatures. A horse demands the leader in each one of us shows up.

That's the gold nugget at the center of every leadership course offered at Cottonwood.

  • Beautiful Property

  • Adaptable, Well-Trained Horses

  • Blend of Customized Content

  • Experienced Mentors

  • Proven Strategies

  • Support Network

  • Location Flexibility

  • Unique In-Person Experience

Young woman with a horse in park near the river

Our Promise

We promise to provide a heart-centered opportunity for life change filled with empowerment, compassion, and intentionality.