Digital Coaching Services

Tap into the environment of authenticity and compassion we've created at The Cottonwood - without ever leaving your home. We offer digital coaching groups and other online opportunities for leadership development and growth.

Digital Coaching Groups

Cottonwood Equine Coaching offers three distinct coaching groups, so you can choose the
digital coaching experience that works best with your goals, schedule, and budget.

Not sure which group to choose? Book a free consultation with us to discuss your options.


for Women

$1,599 one-time payment for 1-year
or $150/mo with a 1-year commitment


Small Group Build
& Grow for Women

$2,994 one-time payment for 6-months
or $520/mo with a 6-month commitment


Leadership Development

$5000 one-time payment for 6-months
or $900/mo with a 6-month commitment

"Great leaders don't set out to be a leader. They set out to make a difference.
It's never about the role, but always about the goal."
- Lisa Haisha

habit finder shift program

Habit Finder Shift Program

Ready to shift your habits of thinking, unlock your immeasurable potential, and step into the life of fulfillment and freedom you deserve? The Habit Finder Shift program with Abby Moreland will get you there!

For only $997, you'll get...

  • Habit Finder Assessment & Profile (Value = $99)
  • 6 Private 1-hr Debrief Sessions with Abby Moreland (Value = $1,800)
  • Lifetime Access to Step-by-Step Masterclass
    with Proven Results (Value = $997)
  • Printable Review Sheets & Supporting Lifework (Value = $97)

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY... You'll also get FREE ACCESS to Habit Finder's Sales 101 and Dream Creation courses.

Not sure where to start?

Get a FREE Assessment of Your Habits & Thoughts

Are your habits of thinking supporting or sabotaging your success?

Cottonwood Equine Coaching uses the Habit Finder method of coaching to measure your thoughts, master your habits, and multiply your income.

We're offering a FREE Habit Finder assessment (a $99 value) to start you off on your journey toward power, compassion, and intention.

Upon completion of the Habit Finder quiz, we'll gift you with a one-on-one debrief session with Head Facilitator Abby Moreland.

Together, we'll identify your path to the life of fulfillment and freedom you deserve.

digital coaching

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