Onsite Equine Coaching

Different cultures and times have connected with horses differently, but nonetheless the horse has always required their human counterparts to be present and strong leaders.

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Are you seeking something greater?

How many of us wander through life wishing for something greater? Deeper relationships, a more fulfilling job, a nicer house, more money... but, most of all, a life that feels truly meaningful and authentic?

The truth is, most of us walk through life in prisons of our own design. We allow the opinions and disappointments of others to shape our perception of ourselves and, therefore, the reality that we live in.

At Cottonwood Equine Coaching, we know how it feels to allow our shortcomings and hurts to suffocate our happiness and stunt our growth. We know from experience that a life of mere self-preservation is really no life at all; that’s why we’re passionate about making a lasting, tangible impact on people’s lives.

We partner with horses to identify each individual’s value, cultivate their relationship skills, and release them to greater authenticity in a safe, inspirational environment.

Discover the path to leadership.

What tools does every team need to create an atmosphere of growth and succeed?
Relationship building skills, communication skills, problem solving skills, trust, and leadership ability.

Onsite Coaching

Change the trajectory of your organization forever. Cottonwood Equine Coaching creates the perfect atmosphere for uninhibited reflection, unrestricted growth, and uncapped development potential.

Cottonwood Equine Coaching knows that women leaders are invaluable. A home with an authentic leader will be more loving. An office with authentic women leaders will be more productive - and a lot more fun.

The ability to provide life changing habits is at the heart of coaching. Whatever your niche market is, this is your answer to tearing down the resistance and creating a huge shift in working with your clients.

Montana Corporate Retreats

The Game-Changer Your Business Needs

Something magical happens when a leadership team takes the time to stop working IN their business and start working ON it.
The question is… how do you create that kind of environment? How do you carve out the space and time to reflect, connect, and grow as a team?
Where can you find an atmosphere that fosters a game-changing experience for the trajectory of your organization?

The answer? Cottonwood Equine Coaching in Joliet, MT.

Why choose us? Simple: Your employees are looking to get out of the office and get into true leadership building.  When your team is working together with solid teamwork, everything rises.

Happier, more productive employees raise productivity, topline sales increase, and profits go up. Get the results that matter to your business. Your organization is unique… shouldn't your training program be too?

Women's Retreats

From a genuine desire to change lives, Cottonwood Equine Coaching has developed a customized curriculum that blends guided teachings, authentic communication, and innovative equine activities, leading to emotional freedom.

Horses don't judge. They don't care if you're tall or short, rich or poor, young or old. What they do care about is helping you to:

  • Find Your Voice
  • Take the Next Step
  • Call Out the Leader Within
  • Love the True, Authentic You!

Private Equine Coaching

Looking for an individualized, one-on-one equine leadership experience?

From healing past hurts to developing healthy boundaries for the future, Cottonwood guides individuals to improved relationships and increased self-awareness through a connection with animals and nature, providing life-changing, tangible hope.

Individuals can book private onsite coaching sessions with one of our facilitators to receive:

  • Focused Attention & Custom Experiences
  • In-Depth Analysis of Personal Goals
  • More Intimate Equine Coaching Sessions

Book a free consultation today and we'll discuss the opportunities available to you.

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Not sure where to start?

Get a FREE Assessment of Your Habits & Thoughts

Are your habits of thinking supporting or sabotaging your success?

Cottonwood Equine Coaching uses the Habit Finder method of coaching to measure your thoughts, master your habits, and multiply your income.

We're offering a FREE Habit Finder assessment (a $99 value) to start you off on your journey toward power, compassion, and intention.

Upon completion of the Habit Finder quiz, we'll gift you with a one-on-one debrief session with Head Facilitator Abby Moreland.

Together, we'll identify your path to the life of fulfillment and freedom you deserve.

montana equine coaching

Ready to empower others?

Are you a Montana-based coach looking to expand into equine coaching?
Or an out-of-state coach interested in hosting a workshop?

At Cottonwood Equine Coaching, we understand that a desire to develop others comes with an extreme level of pressure and responsibility. That’s why we’re so passionate about partnering with coaches to give them a proven resource that will effectively meet the needs of their clients while growing their bottom-line.

Start a conversation with us and learn how you can join an encouraging network of heart-centered guides dedicated to lifting others in a fresh and meaningful way.

Still have questions?

We want you to feel excited and confident about your decision to begin equine coaching.
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We'll work with you one-on-one to craft a customized coaching strategy.